Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where would You like to meet?

First, I apologize for the lack of content lately. I've heard lately that blogging is dead, and you should just "Facebook or Twitter". Well, there is definitely some value to Twitter … I update it frequently and those updates sometimes go to my FB But the truth is – I’ve got some pretty substantial things to write about – I just haven’t had the chance. I want to share a simple, yet profound “word” that I got from a bit, but first I must share how I got this Word.

Due to life's hectic crazy schedule, changes and shifts (see below blog "FROM AUGUST TO FEBRUARY) I've struggled to find my 'conversation' with Jesus. How do you meet with Jesus in a crowded world? I haven't lost Him but the intimate times we shared and the word pictures He would give me have dwindled significantly.

So I asked the Lord "where would you like to meet"? Almost immediately I sensed the need to get quiet, alone and still. Not something I excel at. I walked around my house with anticipation, almost as if I would walk in a room and see a light from Heaven peering down on the perfect location. Didn't happen. So I decided to turn off my phone, turn off the computer and just lie across my comfy bed wrapped up in my cushiony Down comforter. Ahhh

I didn't speak or hum, I just repeatedly asked Jesus to meet with me. It didn't take long and my imagination went to a beautiful forest. The sun was setting and it was drizzling, off in the distance was small campfire blazing. I walked towards the warmth of the fire. As I walked I sensed the cares of the world pressing in on every side threatening to steal this time away. "Lord help me, I need this time with You!"
By the fire were three tree stumps and on one layed a pair of keys.
I was like "HUH....Yoo Hoo I'm here" Lol
I don't excel at patience either.
I just stood there, anxiously waiting....and waiting. I could sense myself becoming anxious and desperate in my Hunger to commune with Him, the Lover of my soul.
I picked up the keys and swirled them around from the key ring on one finger, just fidgeting looking to and fro.

I decided to just sit and wait. I held tightly to the keys as if they were somehow an answer to an equation. The breeze picked up and the flames danced in rhythm. I could feel His presence, His warmth and His acceptance of me, Oh how I need that. As I continued to hold those keys I sensed HIS ASSURANCE. Wow that is exactly what I needed at that moment.
Though I did not see Him I knew He was with me and He was reminding me not to be afraid. He was refreshing my memory that He was indeed alive. That He had met mans worst enemy and overcame it. With Him, not even death and Hades are unconquerable. HE HAS THE KEYS!!!!

I got it! I jumped up and danced around my room. Tripping a few times over random messiness on my floor but dancing nonetheless.

This was my profound Word!!!!!!!! I couldn't remember the verse and was too impatient to thumb through my Bible so I googled it people. Ha I googled "Keys to life and death" Yikes,
I had turned the computer off and I would have to wait a whole minute for it to come back to life.

So, if you’re up to the challenge … pull yourself away … close your door … calm your soul … and say “Jesus, where would you like to meet?” and simply write down the place that comes to mind in your imagination.
I want to fall deeper in love with You Lord!!