Monday, April 20, 2009

Crockpot vs the Microwave

Ok I couldn't resist looking at this blog that my friend FrenzyTracy shared with me that Pearmama wrote.
It truly is the most hilarious story I've ever read regarding explaining sex with your children. Click the link you will not be disappointed!

Seriously one would think that as an adult and having had scores of sex with ones spouse, and being a RN that this would be as simple as mixing cake batter. Not so.

Everywhere you turn, the world is talking about sex. That's why it's so important you join the conversation and keep the dialogue with your kids open and honest!
It is important for our children to be educated about sex - and not just about abstinence. Most Christian teens have probably heard that they need to abstain from having sex because the Bible tells them to. Yet is that enough? Statistics tell us no. So what are Christian parents supposed to do?

The other burning question I hear is "WHEN, WHAT AGE" do I have the talk.
Without trying to sound coy, you just know. They begin asking questions, their body begins changing and they begin noticing others bodies.

My husband and I decided to stick with what we are most familiar with. He talked with our son and I my daughter. I did a picnic dinner in the middle of our living room floor with a couple of anatomy books, diagrams, clay models and I believe ended with soliloquies (speech you make to yourself). Quiet proud of my self and my professional lecture I decided to compare notes with my husband. Differences...Their talk took 10 min over a burger, ours: an hour and a half over Chinese food, theirs: erections, ours: human anatomy and the glory of how we are knit in our mothers womb perfectly, theirs: wet dreams, ours: a thesis on the physiology of a womans orgasm and the challenges we may face in discovering our body, theirs: masturbation, ours the miracle of the egg and an exposition on how it is fertilized, theirs french fries and done (microwave) ours: in depth illustrations and how to say no (crockpot). LOL

Funny thing is the kiddos forget much of what you tell them, however it does open the lines of communication.

The Amazing Human Body exhibit Theamazinghumanbody came to our area and I thought this would be the perfect follow up for team Larrabee to further educate our children. The exhibit is just as titled AMAZING. The process for preserving the bodies is called plastination and this truly is mind boggling.

Towards the end of the exhibit my daughter and I came across a male body displaying his "privates" with what I think was (30 or so saggital slices)? He looked whole from a distance but on closer inspection one could see the slices. My daughter had been unusually quiet through the tour and as we stood with a crowd of onlookers at this particular model I happened to glance at her sweet little face only to discover she was red faced with a look of mortification and terror. I had shown her the male anatomy before and was unsure why this would be so upsetting. I whispered to her "Are you ok honey", To which she very loudly exclaimed..."You did not tell me I was going to have to deal with all this!" "They have a lot going on down there!" At that point I could feel a slight flush of red in my face as I heard the respectable giggles amongst the onlookers standing around us. You see, the way the model was sliced it appeared he had multiple "man parts" and she just could not process it all.
Back to the A&P books. LOL
Maybe going out for burgers with dad and having the 'microwave' speech would have been the best.?

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