Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Guest Blog day

I have had this idea since my friend TRACY got me a blogging.
To have guests join in from time to time with their ideas, musings, inspirations or just plum funny stories.
My friend Laurie is an amazing writer and I am thrilled to share "THOUGHTS FROM LAURIE" and to "lock keyboards" in this blogosphere.

“I Am Ma’am, Hear Me Moan!”
Ok, so when did I pass over from ‘Miss’ to ‘Ma’am’?
I know it’s been going on for a while, but maybe I’m just feeling older today and more sensitive to the title! Maybe it happened the same day I looked down at my hand and was sure it was my mother’s hand! Or the day those funny little brown spots appeared on my arms. Oh sure, I tried to pass them off as ‘freckles’, but I’m pretty sure freckles don’t come in that size! Was it when those random, long black hairs started popping out in strange places – like the middle of the back of my thigh? Was it when I smiled and all the ‘smile wrinkles’ stayed long after the smile had dissipated? Or was it when I complained to my younger, beautiful female doctor about some of the ‘strange’ things that are happening to my body and she just patted me on the shoulder and prescribed antidepressants? (You just wait honey! Your day will come!

I really don’t know, but it has happened. And why, may I ask, does it always have to be some cute young thing that says it? “Are you finding everything alright, ma’am?” “Can I help you with your groceries, ma’am?” “May I push your wheelchair for you, ma’am?”

Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating just a bit, but when I hear ‘Ma’am’ I feel like I’ve gone from 45 to 105 in less than two seconds flat! I guess I should just enjoy the fact that someone is showing respect?

…naaaa! It just sounds old!

The problem is I DON’T FEEL OLD! I feel young and sexy and the same, if not better, than at other times in my life and for that I’m grateful.

When I hang out with my daughters I feel more like a sister than a mom! That is until I’ve picked out an item of clothing I think they would look cute in and they politely inform me “that would look good on you, mom”. That’s the universal phrase for “that’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen!!!”

Or my youngest daughter tells me she loves that flabby section of my upper arm – you know the section I’m talking about ladies – she loves the way it jiggles back and forth – it reminds her of grandma! Ahhh!!!

I guess there certainly could be worse things in life than this dilemma (though none are coming to mind at the moment.) Don’t get me wrong…I love being a mom and a wife, and having just a tiny bit more wisdom than I did 20 years ago. I love that my kids are more and more independent and I’m not lugging around diaper bags and car seats.

I love being married to a man who is my best friend and who I can just jump in the car with and go on a ‘date’! I love that I can impart advice to a younger wife & mom because I’ve been there and done that – not always well, but I have done it and maybe they can learn from some of my successes as well as my mistakes? No, I wouldn’t trade any of this for the world!

I guess it is just all part of the circle of life (Lion King music playing softly in the background Tiny Music Note Pictures, Images and Photos), but I don’t have to go quietly, right? Maybe this ma’am thing isn’t so bad. Maybe I will wear it like a badge and take what I have learned and encourage other women who will someday cross over into the world of ‘ma’am’hood.
I am Ma’am hear me roar!


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