Thursday, June 4, 2009

Keep dancing

Yesterday my friend Tracy sent me an email “7 keys to starting a movement”

I love Carlos Whittaker’s passion and writings. Tracy turned me on to his blog sometime ago.
When I opened her email, clicked on the link, read the 7 keys and then watched the video… well as I told her, “the Holy Spirit jumped inside of me”. I watched that man dancing and all that came to mind was


I love what Tracy said on her blog…”watching people be unleashed.”
Oh to embrace the power and miraculous works of the Holy Spirit. If we could discover who we are in Christ, be ourselves, use our God given gifts to set in motion the full potential available through God's Holy Spirit. ... "Unleash our Purpose”…Oh my we could set the world ablaze for Jesus! Amen

We decided to blog together on this one. I don’t mind “dancing” alone, but prefer to grab my Bff’s by the wrist and drag their behinds out with me. I am honored to be one of your “first dancers” Tracita.

Some of my words that came to my mind in relation to “MOVEMENT” were
· Alteration
· Stirring
· Shift
· Momentum
· Adventure!

Straight from Carlos' blog!

A few things I think we can learn from this video.
1. One man can start a movement.
2. A movement need not be started by the most skilled member of the movement.
3. When beginning your movement and you look around and no one else is joining the dance, just keep dancing.
4. When the one guy who joins your movement slowly fades away, keep going.
5. Before you know it, the people joining your movement won’t even know you started it.
6. When your movement takes a life of its own, just let go. There will be no stopping it.
7. The very people who are staring at you like your nuts as you movement alone, will be the very same people dancing the hardest in the end.

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  1. Let's keep moving girlfriend!!

    I especially have to remind myself of #4...because it's the times when someone has tried it, questioned it and then faded away, that I begin to question myself...hmmmm....must got back to "words of affirmation"

    Love ya!