Thursday, October 28, 2010

Funny Friday

My friend Tracy sent me the funniest post some time back! It's a post to beat all posts. I laughed until I had to run to the bathroom. It is so right on and something EVERY woman that is married can relate to!!
The post is from
BiancaJuarez and though from the perspective of a newlywed, I can vouch after 22+ years of marriage...some things NEVER change. Thank you Bianca for your humorous and insightful view into the male psyche!

Language decoder…

Inthenameoflove has produced a language decoder for men! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, after exhaustive research [five weeks of marriage], development [humorous banter], and noted market value [free conflict resolution tips], you can enjoy the ability to understand what your wife really means when she chooses to use words indicating something else!

[This ad has been approved by Olthoff Incorporated. All rights reserved.]

What I said: It’s been a long day and I’m so hungry.
What Matt heard: I’m making something simple for dinner.
What I meant: Can you take me out to dinner?

What I said: Wow, my closet is so empty!
What Matt heard: My closet is empty.
What I meant: I need clothes!

What I said: I’m not emotional and I’m not overreacting!
What Matt heard: I’m emotional and overreacting!
What I meant: Don’t look at me like I’m crazy!

What I said: How much do you love me?
What Matt heard: How much do you love me?
What I meant: I’m going to ask for something expensive!

What I said: What do you think of this outfit?
What Matt heard: What do you think of my outfit?
What I meant: Tell me you think I’m beautiful.

What I said: Sure. Do it if you want to.
What Matt heard: That’s a great idea.
What I meant: I don’t want you to.

What I said: Are you serious?!
What Matt heard: Are you serious?!
What I meant: You can’t be serious.

What I said: I love you so much.
What Matt heard: I want you.

What I said: You look so handsome today!
What Matt heard: I want you!

What I said: I missed you today.
What Matt heard: I want you.

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