Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tangled Princess

But you are a chosen people, a ROYAL priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God's own possession, you were chosen to tell about the wonderful acts of God.
1 Peter 2:9

Today is Wednesday's Word with a twist...A Disney twist to be exact.
My family, in accordance to Thanksgiving tradition, went to the movies and this year it was a wonderful and heart warming FAIRY TALE!!
Disney's animated retelling of the Rapunzel fairy tale unravels a fine Disney yarn.

It is after all a story of a lost princess!

An old-fashioned story with a true storybook feel, that is a music-sprinkled story of heroism and self-discovery.
The never-dying hope and love of parenthood is well represented in Tangled. Rapunzel's anguished parents never give up on somehow finding their beloved child. And when they are all reunited in embraces and tears, I sniffed and wiped a tear from my eye.

Though not intentional on the creators of the movie, my mind, heart and spirit could not help but be swept away with the spiritual connotations.

The likeness of the relationship between we women and our Prince and Hero, Jesus.

I don't want to over-spiritualize the experience, but I believe there is something very significant and divine in our nature as women to long for that princess state. Girls long to be loved and adored, rescued (even if it means scaling impossible odds even with all our "Tangled" mess),  to ultimately give our heart to our hero.

God is that Hero!

Something we women sense in our ever tender & ever young hearts is that we are special.  We are truly God's beloved and precious daughters, adopted as His own, children of the King of the universe, and therefore of royal heritage!
~ Princesses~
in the purest sense of the word! 
In fact, in this light the royalty of this world can only be imitation.

At an early age we are captured by fairytales, maybe because we all identify with the beautiful sweet princess that is not treated fairly and then gets rescued by a strong handsome prince. Our minds somehow relate with being mistreated and
 we hope that one day a Prince will rescue us
from all of the hurt that we have endured.
And when He rescues us He will desire us, cherish us, and we will live HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

That is what we really want is it not? His princess --that is what we are.
HIS Divine Princess!
We are dear to the heart of Christ. We are sisters of the Prince of Peace with virtues that create true beauty, such as honor, charity, compassion, sharing truth and fairness.

The other concept that captured me while watching this FAIRY TALE was PRAYER.

The prayer of a parent for their lost child. Prayer to find a way home, Prayer to be rescued, Prayer to be heard, Prayer to find a reason in life, and Prayer to be loved.

The floating paper lantern segment in Tangled  is beautiful, breathtaking and romantic. With the culmination of the princess finally living her dream and beholding the lanterns float to the the sky (on her behalf unbeknownst to her), finding her one true love, making her way home, well the serenity of it all found my tear ducts moist again! The imagery was spectacular. The colors and immense.....

I envision the prayers of His people looking much like those lanterns.

Stretching, pleasing, rhythmically permeating the Heavenlies.

Ablaze in the spiritual night sky, beautiful, spectacular, powerful all because of HIM!!

He is my King, I am His PRINCESS. He owns a cattle on a thousand hills!


  1. Love this. You made me want to see a movie I was not anticipating seeing! : )

  2. YAY...the princess post!! Great thoughts, sister! My girls said this movie is the best and it's now Haley's new favorite! Maybe I will go see it ; )