Monday, March 28, 2011

Nestled into Mt. Hood

holy experience

I pray continually He open the eyes of my heart that I might see the daily washing of His fountain of gifts.
A heart spilling with Ann with out the fanciful "e" says.

I've longed for this week for a couple of months now. SPRING BREAK!!
Fun, Frivolity and Family.

I love long road trips with our feet on the dash and loud music booming from the speakers. Silly stories and anecdotes. Memories found of trips gone by.

This year it's filled with great friends, mountains, lots of snow and then a city I adore...SEATTLE.

I've always treasured family time, now with my oldest nearing 18 I savor every moment and count it as rich. She has grown into such a strong, funny, caring, smart, beautiful and most importantly Godly young woman. She is my hero.

For Your creation that you so carefully created for our enjoyment.
We love to explore the Oregon high country. Such a beautiful state.



*Spring break Woo Hoo
*Games around a table with family and friends
*Watching my husband
*Finding a random girly clothing store full of wonderfulness
*Walking under a city
*Massive icicles


  1. I just loved this post! The pictures made ME want to pack up and take a trip. And that pizza --- was it REALLY that big????? It looks soooooo good! Thank you for your list! It was heavenly!!!!