Monday, February 7, 2011

Diamonds on black velvet

holy experience
The longer I look to those things I am thankful for, the more I find!

This week, full and blessed. Full of transition and compromise. Promises kept and broken.
Searching my In-Laws eyes as they plan the details of their memorial service. On the cusp of a great life and an even better one yet to come.
I so look forward to Sunday's. For worship, family and a day of reflection. I don't want to miss a morsel that He has seen fit to trust me with.



*The sun in my face and the wind in my hair
*A smile from a complete stranger
*Air that is filled with laughter
*It's like someone spilled diamonds on black velvet as I lie on the cool ground gazing at the vastness
*The giddiness that overcomes me as I don a fluffy feather boa
*Nail polish
* "I love you mom"
*Cycle of the seasons...though summer makes me the happiest
*Anxiously piercing through my box from Dayspring "One Thousand Gifts"
*The scent of a new book
*Hands interlaced, his shoulder

Inhaling Life!

My unexpected

Her hair soft and thin in my hands. Our conversation flowing, her favorite hymns playing in the background. Shampoo, clip, color and curl. She laughs and tells me stories of old. Each time I rush less and absorb more. She is priceless. The last bobby pin in place, she stands slowly to turn and touch my face. Eyes moist..."You mean more to me than you know."
Once again submitting to the moment, savoring it with eyes open.
As I've said before, It's not the concert nor the applause, but that silent powerful lilting moment of the in between. Thank You Lord!


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  1. I’m visiting from Ann’s today.

    It is good to know that death is only a transition isn’t it – and not a transition into the great WHATEVER - - but to the hands of Our Lord – Our loving God.

    My fave: The scent of a new book – I just sniffed Ann’s book – still smells new :)

    God Bless you and yours and your gratitude journey