Monday, May 16, 2011

Creating Empty Space

Elusive Balance

“Balance is beautiful.”
- Miyoko Ohno, Japanese bridge designer-

Working mothers have a tough time achieving balance between work, family, fitness not to mention the filling of our spiritual and emotional well being cups. At least this here mother does!
My struggle has and probably always will be in CREATING EMPTY SPACE.

I've managed to carve cathartic all too fleeting moments out of my week to reflect and write, a once (not often enough) a month massage, even time to cook on my one "leisurely" day off.
I make time for my family, and loved ones, but I tend to neglect myself. Why?
I become derailed from the track I attempt to set out on.
We are not born with balance.
Babies can't balance well enough to sit up, let alone walk. Their emotions vacillate wildly. A baby can be crying loudly one minute, laughing the next, and fast asleep a few minutes later. How do we ever get these emotional swings under control?
Identifying barriers to balanced living can well, in itself throw me off kilter.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”
- Albert Einstein-

Even a year ago I would have added an "Amen Albert" to the end of that quote but...
my axis has shifted.
I don't pretend to have the answers. What I do have is a tenacious spirit. My Daddy gave me that.
A curiosity and drive to fill my purpose but a new found passion to sit at His feet quietly and listen.
To breathe, unstirring, hushed...quiet.
For me, being centered in the Savior centers my earthly plane to more of a degree than any self help book, article, website or reality talk show EVER could.
With my GPS set on Him I find I don't attempt to carry the world quite as much. Oh I set my spiritual balancing scales down from time to time but I'm finding the span of time between takes to be shorter.

As I wrote about IN THE UNEXPECTED

There is a moment. A moment after the final lilting note. A pause as the note fades and lingers into almost silence, then applause. It's in THAT moment, in the quiet, that I find so much delicacy so much potency and blessing.
As in the best decorated room an imagination can conjure up, draw your eye to the EMPTY SPACES because it's there where I believe the real harmony lies. Thank you Lord for helping me to look towards You and capturing a rhythm that no earthly metronome could contain!

#88- 100




Windy days

Waking up to birds singing

Inviting friends in life...and yes sometimes at others

Getting caught up in ridiculous youtube videos

My children

A great husband

Oh nooooo the discovery of Lay's kettle cooked CREAMY MEDITERRANEAN HERB CHIPS!!!!

The blessing and promises a new week holds


  1. I so understand lack of balance. I am a working mom who is still trying to figure this out. But God allows me to be a work in progress. Great post and beautiful list.

  2. love your love for laughter...I love it's what keeps my days sane.

    "laughing at myself and yes sometimes at others..." right on...

    my husband and I enjoy the youtube videos as well..

    thanks for the post!