Monday, January 24, 2011

In the unexpected

holy experience
"Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old. "- Franz Kafka


There is a moment. A moment after the final lilting note. A pause as the note fades and lingers into almost silence, then applause. It's in THAT moment, in the quiet, that I find so much delicacy so much potency and blessing.

 I love beauty. Yes the typical things of beauty but more so the unexpected ones.

"You cannot perceive beauty but with a serene mind."
-Henry David Thoreau


Unexpected beauty lies in plain sight to a watchful eyes. For those with eyes to see, traces of God can be found in the most unexpected places. He is the Tour guide for those willing to look beyond the obvious, pointing out glimpses of the eternal, where few might think to look.

Careful not to become mundane.
To be purposeful and look for what take me by surprise, find me unaware, or startles my space. 
I have to suspend myself into a certain state of willingness, of trust. Somewhat like hanging a part of my mind in a hammock with sunbleached canvas ropes.
As baffling as it is when we come face to face with it, TRUE GRATITUDE, we see the world
We always will. It opens our eyes with a clarity that without we see through a glass darkly.

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walking a narrow, bumpy uphill road together

Loyal and unwavering

This weeks unexpected beauty, in the rush of a busy day, trying to charge through a crowd of people I paused. Frustrated I could not get by... my eyes opened. A grandma walking slowly away from me, hand in hand with her precious grandson. He toppled every other step. She walked patiently. A sigh! Thank You!

#124 Diffuse light coming in from a shuttered window.

#125 Aroma of zested lemon.

#126 Taking in the words my children have penned.

#127 The proud, strong and lone tree in a field of grass.

#128 First sting of hot water from a shower after a long day.

#129 The crisp outline of a full white moon against a black sky.

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  1. Beautiful words and pictures. It is refreshing to see unexpected kindness.