Monday, March 5, 2012

Blessed better than I deserve

Another year wiser...I pray.
Blessed better than I deserve. Rich with family, breath, friends and a warm home. Any food I could dream up, shoes on my feet and cars that faithfully take me about.

As a continual act of worship I count my gratitude with a posse of other women over at Ann with out the fanciful 'e''s place. Join us... Grab and run

# 325-341
  • Comrades that become sisters then love on my family
  • Friends that will drive 150+ miles to celebrate my life
  • Mascara that promises great things
  • Dress up and makeup
  • Making cute blogs HERE

along with
  • Free Pretty Things for your blog
  • Cakes that look like cupcakes
  • March snow
  • Portland at night
  • Funny glasses and hats
  • "Do you have any questions"..."Yes I was wondering where your dressing room is"..."Oh I don't work here I was just wondering if you had questions"
  • Pretty necklaces
  • Pay it forward cards
  • "Honey, when I said to bring over a hot dish, I was not talking about a green bean casserole."
  • Flowers Flowers everywhere
  • Colorful tissue paper

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