Friday, March 9, 2012

Take Root and Bear Fruit

Staying true to the premise...

1st thought and 5 minutes.
Taking the plunge with Lisa-Jo and a throng of other fun women for 5 min of writing. Come what may, come what might.

Our word this week:



A Bible student went to a wise man and said, "Will you teach me what you've learned about God?" The man invited him into his house and replied, "I'll be glad to, but first let me pour you a cup of coffee." The young man held out his cup as the man poured it until it was full, but kept pouring until it was overflowing.

The student said, "Stop! The coffee is spilling out. The cup can't hold any more." The wise man said, "This is your first lesson. When you are full of yourself, there is no room for God. If you want God to fill you up, you must first empty yourself."

EMPTY... "Lord help me empty myself of ME. Help me be entirely full of You".

Through emptiness we can come to a full relationship with Him.

It is allowing ourselves to give up our pride and make our hearts truly a place in which Christ can abide. Then allow the love of Christ to flow in.

If we find that we are unhappy, discouraged, bitter, angry, etc, it is likely that this is the direct result of being full of ourselves.

I read recently that there is a clear connection between self-centeredness and the inability to experience joy.

Only if we are emptied of self can the word of God take root in us, bring us understanding and then bear its fruit.



  1. So thankful for the truth that you've written... lovely words on this March morning.

  2. Hi Shannon. Thank you :) It is a lovely March morning.