Monday, March 12, 2012

He has not given us a spirit of fear

I tend towards fear. I'm not sure when this occurred but I think it coincided with my first pregnancy.

Irrational...even silly things. Everything from A-Z
I've decided I'm just going to devote a whole post to the craziness.
For now I rehearse that He has given me a sound mind and a spirit of power and love.
I sit here to what has become my favorite part of the week, Reminiscing and celebrating on how I'm doing better than I deserve and giving great thanks to the One who provides.
Solar flare. Courtesy of

Aurora over Tromso Norway by Robert Korizek just days ago

Jewels and bangles at JoAnns

  • My Revlon square tip tweezers. I have an irrational fear of becoming the bearded lady. (post to follow soon:)
  • JoAnn Fabrics (I don't sew but still spend hours meticulously going through every isle)
  • A massive solar flare ( I love His mysteries and when His creation shows off for us) The solar storms started hurtling at Earth on March 6th from a massive solar flare. This is the biggest solar storm the Earth has seen since 2004 and sent charged particles speeding towards us at 600 miles per second.
  • Trader Joe's Chocolate
  • Signs of spring
  • Watching and listening as my Rebecca and Reece make amazing music
  • HGTV House Hunters International...even though I've discovered the secret that the home is already picked out before filming. I still get excited and love trying to figure it out
  • My sweet husband who is up for just about any adventure
  • A groovy blog friend Nicole who spiffs things up in this space for me. She is a genius!
  • Reliable top notch health care. We are very blessed in this country!
  • A new realization of Invisible Children the the movement Kony 2012
  • Sparkly things
  • Watching my Reece run like the wind


  1. Hi Robin - I'm looking forward to your post. I have a feeling it will be laced with humour :) Love you list of things to be grateful for. Time for me to spend some time being grateful and thankful.
    God bless friend

  2. Hi Tracy~ Thanks for coming by. Keep an eye out for a post titled "The bearded lady"

  3. Mmmmm Trader Joe's Chocolate is among the best.