Saturday, May 9, 2009


My daughter just asked me today…Mom why don’t you ever straighten your hair?
I said “honey, Big hair balances out my plump rump roast!”
I love to watch her throw her head back and fill up a room with her hearty laughter.
But it gave me pause to ponder my passion for “hair gone wild”

As if coming into my fashion prime during the 80’s were not enough, I’m from Texas were everything is better…. BIGGER! That’s right!

Bring on the Aqua Net baby, Power Ballads by the “HAIR bands” such as Poison, Cinderella and Bon Jovi. It wasn’t just us girls, NO the guys had it going on as well.

We can’t forget the ‘I'm-Closer-to-God-Than-You Bangs’ oh yeah. Bangs were meant to be big and teased. You were not ready to take a stroll through the mall without them.

What was it that caused us to wear our funky, gargantuan 80s hairstyles like a badge of honor?
From the bangs that reached for the heavens with frizzy passion, to the ‘LIKE TOTALLY RAD’ extremely asymmetrical new wave social hair statement,
to the funky side ponytails walking ‘hair-in-hair’ with the mullets. Hairstyles in the 1980s were about excess, VOLUME, experimentation, and enough hairspray to protect our heads when the Russians dropped the bomb.


Teased, permed, volume, volume volume!

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