Monday, November 29, 2010

Family~less to Blessed!

holy experience

My heart is overflowing with gratitude and praise as I am still aglow from Thanksgivings warm embrace!
From the fragrant aromas of pies, fresh bread and turkey to the sound of chatter and laughter,
 I am eternally grateful.

Our time seems so fleeting and I am compelled to step away and survey at a distance. Each year seems to steal away faster than the last.
This year as I absorbed every sensation, I quietly thanked my Heavenly Father who has saw fit to bless me beyond my wildest dreams.

My prayer as a 'family-less' child was for F A M I L Y and here I am.

On the brink of a last Thanksgiving with my Father in Law who's battle with Parkinson's is nearing it's course and a daughter who will be 18 in a blink and moving forward in her dreams, I am reflective.

Life is precious and fleeting.

My father's heart is at rest with a woman God carefully placed.

This Thanksgiving more that anyother gives me pause.

His laughter fill us with joy!

Her smooches fill me up.

Early snow

Winter walks


Grace filled home

My heart

Here continues my list of endless grattitude....

#49 My precious mother and father in law whom God has seen fit to place in
our hands. May we serve them well

#50 Winter walks

#51 SNOW before Turkey

#52 Board games (though I struggle paying attention)

#53 Sitting quitely by the fire with my husband as we read.
#54 Lots and lots and lots of laughter.

#55 Embraces.

#56 The warmth of my sons hand.

#57 God's Word read aloud.

#57 Hearing my childrens prayer fill the room.

#59 Watching with the expectaion of a child as
my Christmas lights come on for the first time of the season.
#60 The ring of the Salvation Army bell.


  1. My oldest will be 18 in March and that was heavy on my mind this Thanksgiving...time truly does fly by!

  2. ohhh yes . . . life is so precious and very fleeting . . . Savor it!

    Enjoyed reading . . .

  3. I've always heard that time goes faster as we get older, SO TRUE! you are blessed indeed!