Monday, November 22, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience



#28. Movie night

#29. Music that plays constantly in our home. Especially when the kids are sitting at their instrument

#30. My loyal little Neti Pot that faithfully waits for me this time every year.

#31. Road trips where I get lost.

#32. Sitting to dinner and talking about the day with Reece, Rebecca and Russell, the other R's.

#33. When my husband surprises me with a nice neck rub.

#34. Silently watching as my kids enjoy their grandma and grandpa

#35.  Watching my children reach for their dreams

#36. Stillness

#37. His blessing on our life and that we are doing better than we deserve.

#38. This kitty we call Lola, cat, LoLo, and NO. She loves us so much she brings us all kind of offerings that make us squirm.

#39. Sunday morning church

#40. Bike paths along the river

# 41. Jeans that are getting looser

# 42. Cranberry sauce that comes out in the exact shape of a can.

# 43. Stuffing, lots of stuffing

#44 Turkey, the bigger the better. If you’re going to cook a bird, might as well make it a 42 pounder.

#45. spell check
#46. Fall Fashion

#47. Watching my daughter shop! It's a competitive sport!

#48. Adventure with friends!

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  1. I love your list and your cool pics! Gorgeous kiddos!! I love road trips too and I can't wait until our road trip! (let's not get lost, k?)