Monday, January 23, 2012

Oregon saturated

photos courtesy of Tim Corban

The horizon hung low and heavy laden. The waters surged toward this place we call home. Gray on every horizon with leaden skies that were unforgiving... and the rain came.
Some lost their lives, others homes.  Out of tragedy ushers even greater gratitude for life, safety and wellness!
Lord be with those families who are walking through loss. Bolster them up. May your blessing be on this little state of Oregon.

Pursuing gratitude...


  • Safety
  • Ability to get to school and work
  • Witnessing acts of humanity and generosity
  • The power of prayer to mend and heal
  • Prayer vigil for a family's loss in the dark waters
  • Continuing to open doors for Rebecca in areas of ministry and leading worship
  • A marriage that though bumpy, is bound by a cord that can't be broken
  • A hope for things unseen....(including the sun=)
  • A sons heart to serve and love
  • Random texts from from friends
  • My other family, our little hospital
  • Ability to hold hands with families as they make difficult life altering decisions regarding loved ones.
  • A week of prayer and fasting and journals kept.


  1. Wow, Robin, your photos are really good. I pray too for all those people affected by this flood
    God bless

  2. Yes, thankful for safety. Thank you for sharing your pictures and list this week. Blessings!

  3. thanks for swinging by ladies. Always love to say hi!