Monday, December 19, 2011

Heart of Christmas

This story...
 The Son of God coming as a human, born of a virgin, living a life of sinless love, and dying for sinners that all who believe might have eternal life...
is a story that sits deeply in our minds this time of year.

We think fully on the babe.
Wrapped in swaddling clothes, the fragrance of his dear, soft mother.

  • He had the right to be born in the mightiest castles
  • He had the right to be born to the richest parents
  • He had the right to be born in the most favorable of times.

In order to save man, He stooped with arms open in humility
to humanity.

To be born and known as 'Jesus in a manger'.

Comprehending this, one can't help but think in unison of the sacrifice, His life, which is the most precious gift of all.

Christ took on human flesh so that he could die and in dying pay a ransom and free us from the power of death.

That is the meaning of Christmas

This is the meaning of Christmas

This is why Christ came: That those who do not see may see.

This is the meaning of Christmas.

Christmas means that God sent his Son so that we could believe and have eternal life.

This is the heart of Christmas!

  • Friends support through calls, messages, meals
  • Sweet Betty's tears on my cheeks as we embrace
  • Wrapping my arms around my husband and holding his heart
  • One last goodbye
  • Helping my kidlets win the tackiest sweater contest
  • Goodwill and Salvation Army
  • That we can still hear their bells ringing
  • The most amazing school talent show, watching my sweet girl beat those drums like there was no tomorrow
  • Abundance of family filling to overflowing our little house
  • The sound of dice
  • My camera capturing memories
  • Christmas movies (ELF=) huddled in blankets
  • Funeral service full of friends and family
  • Pandora (Christmas station)
  • A great pastor
  • 3 brothers hugging my neck in unison with love and gratitude for care that flowed from Christ, these hands to their dad

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  1. Really beautiful reflection!
    I love that wreath hanging on the old door.
    "Here I stand at the door..."