Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Christmas story



#236 - 252

  • Sweet Bec giving us the gift of song. Thanks for learning it and playing
  • That at 18 y.o, you still run for your bucket-o-dinosaurs
  • Warm homemade apple pie in an apple, thanks Bec!
  • Singing the 12 Days of Christmas loudly as we drove through WINTER WONDERLAND. Never get tired of the lights
  • Funny looking snowman cookies that make me LOL you're the best Reece
  • Pies galore from my guy who loves to bake
  • Candles candles everywhere
  • Taking sweet Betty to her 1st trip to the Spaghetti Factory
  • My new gold sparkly leaf
  • Colorful Christmas ornaments
  • All kinds of Christmas music
  • Stocking hung by the chimney with care
  • New recipe for Crock Pot Maple Brown Sugar Ham
  • Our eternally patient pets that let us dress them up
  • Working together as we face a year of 1st's with a Dad's passing
  • Sweet Betty telling us all the Chrimas story from memory
  • Most of all the reason for the season

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