Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hospitality, a matter of the heart not the architecture.

Wednesday's Word

I 've read a lot of awesome posts this year. Really I have. Many times I've found myself gasping and looking around the room for someone to read the words aloud to.

I found myself doing that this very morning, glad my Becca was handy so the words could be freed from the screen to the surrounding. It was perfect and my favorite thus far this year. Even she said, "Mom those are good words for you."
Thank you Lisa-Jo

It touched a nerve!
An ongoing goal for me: To be as comfortable sharing my home as I am myself.

Three years ago when we opened our home to care for our in-laws I experienced immediate anxiety regarding ENTERTAINING.

You see my mother in law has always played that role.

She had the fine china, REAL silverware that lived in a velvet lined box. Fantastic food from scratch and made with love. Her home was clean and finely decorated. Her table long and elegant seating for many much like an episode of The Walton's.

We live in a mobile home, small and... I'm not fancy. As I've said before I liken myself to a Proverbs 32 1/2 kind of woman. 

I do love to decorate but outside of that I have an eclectic set of dishes and glasses because I can't make up my mind what I like. I buy them individually at Ross or Goodwill. I love fancy coctail glasses and we enjoy having milk out of martini glasses.
It depends on my mood for the day.

My silverware go from picnics to the table. My dishes are chipped and cooking is always an adventure. If something doesn't seem to be working right this southern girl just adds butter because butter can fix anything.
Just ask Paula Deen.

Anyhoo moving my in laws in to provide care meant that I (the unlikeliest of hostesses) would become the hostess to the entire family that lives all over the country and descends in droves on holidays...hungry and expectant.


Here I sit three years later, even as I type, this little mobile home is full. Twenty people come to pay respects to their fathers first Christmas in Heaven and fellowship.
Oh I create some things, my son has become an amazing chef and saves the day as others donate their favorite yummies. It's a group effort.
We have found a rhythm for the most part and when I need a moment to breathe and be still I find my way to my bathroom and just sit on my toilet to hear the rolling of dice in the "near" adjoining room.

So as I said up there at the top =) Read it, read her blog and I'm sure if this too rings true to you, you will be blessed.
Click the link to travel to her blog as her photos add so much, or be content in this space below.

Your House is Only as Big as Your Hospitality

Thanks Lisa-Jo
"I am a reluctant renter.

The size of your house, my friends, is entirely in your own hands."


  1. I needed to read this for this year. Family plans to attend our home for Christmas this year, mostly because my son's in his maintenance phase of chemotherapy and we want to stay closer to the hospital. Anyway, I really needed to be reminded about the importance of hospitality...and I'll keep the bathroom refuge in mind :)

  2. Wow, PTL for the healthcare we are privleged to experience in the country but sorry you have had to walk this road with your son.
    Bless you and Merry Christmas.