Wednesday, December 14, 2011

His first Christmas in Heaven

The time has come.
We never really thought it would. He has done better than any thought and we just kind of figured he may defy science and medicine.

Death, in our shared faith of Christianity, is actually a birth into Jesus' arms. It's a temporary separation for us as a family because we know that we know we will soon be together.

As we talk about this process with our children we describe it as holding hands with their grandpa and walking into the foyer of Heaven, as far as these earthly bodies can take us.

What an honor.

My sweet Betty whispers in his ear how much she loves him while stroking his face tenderly with her hand. His eyes open momentarily as she begins to pray.

We gather round bout the bed recalling our favorite memories, stories and jokes that caused him to giggle.
"What do you get when you goose a ghost? A handful of sheet!"

We love you Ruben Melvin Larrabee and though we are so thoroughly heartbroken for our loss we know you are so excited to spend your first Christmas in Heaven!

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