Friday, December 2, 2011

Pursed lip breathing

For only five short, bold, beautiful minutes. Unscripted and unedited. We just write without worrying if it’s just right or not.

OK, are you ready? Give me your best five minutes on:


Bahahahaha!!! Oh I can't even believe this is our word this week. A week that started with...

Hairdresser: "Robin what would you like me to do with the gray coming in at your temples"
Me: Wha?
Hairdresser: "Yes it's really taking off"
Me: Wha?
Hairdresser: "Most women want me to color it, what would you like me to do?"
Me: I need time, (Pursed lip breathing insues)  I can't make such a daunting decision in a 2 hours span.
Hairdresser: "Wha?"
Me: Color around it until I decide
Hairdresser: "Wha?"
Me: This news is making new gray come in I can feel it so color around it.......

And well the rest of it pretty much went round the mulberry bush and I will have to blog on it at some point but today it's about Tired.


Tired has had me in it's grip this week. Threatening the surrounding air, threatening peaceful thoughts, rest and peace.
Forgetting to breathe, the frenetic thoughts squeeze my head like a vise. Tears would be a fresh rain in this drought but they do not come.
I don't want to always complain and I want to capture and savor every moment but caring for a terminally ill parent is daunting in itself but adding in children and work, well "TIRED" almost defies my fingers from this keyboard.
My heart beats with love, and care for this tender frail being and other days I just pray Lord take him! He wants to be with You Lord. 
How does a person EVER come to grips with such a battlefield of thoughts and emotions?
I'll tell you were I have to start...EVERY TIME!

The place to start at the end of our road, is at the beginning of His!

The peace that God gives you will guard your minds. The peace that God gives you will strengthen you. The peace that God gives will you will keep your heart tender The peace that God gives will gird you in your time of need.



  1. Wonderful encouragement. I laughed out loud about your hairdresser issues. Girl, my hair went from being a little gray to almost white in some spots. What the heck?!?!? I need to make an appointment, but I was thinking about just leaving it the way it was and torn with looking much older than I am. What to do?? So, I keep it pulled back, so it is not too visible until I decide. I don't want to have to decide. I don't want to see it there in the first place!! Much to think about!!! Have a great day!!!

  2. "The place to start at the end of our road, is at the beginning of His!" Wonderful phrase, Robin--I may steal it!
    My heart breaks for the pressure you are under. Praying for you in these difficult circumstances. Thanks for being so refreshingly open and your wonderful encouragement: I'm leaving your blog with thankfulness in my heart: for my circumstances, God's ordering of our lives, and His faithfulness!

  3. THANK YOU JULIE! Those words of encouragement mean so much you have no idea!

  4. Hi Suzanne.Thanks for stopping by.
    I'm glad we are sisters in the gray hair dept. Makes me feel... not so alone.
    I have decided to work it out on my blog. Crazy idea but I don't want to rush and often words help me find my way.
    Let me know what you decide =)

  5. Hi Robin

    Thank you.. I needed a laugh today and I got it in the first paragraph! I have recently discovered, it seems overnight, the hair at my temples are gray, not graying but gray! They look like highlights I intentionally put there.. I've been wondering what to do about them myself. It doesn't help that my teenaged daughters keep pointing them out to me :/

    This was a wonderful post.. thank you for the inspiration. God bless your tender heart and I pray that he strengthens you to continue to care for your father. The bible tells us that our place in heaven is assured when we honour our parents.

    God bless and have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Ahhh another gray haired templed girl! Yay
    Thanks for the encouragement and stopping by.

    I'm going to take my time deciding what to do. No rushing straight for the bowel of color here.

  7. My heart goes out to you as i read and I pray God renews your physical, spiritual and emotional strength, day by day. God will reap blessings upon your life for the love you shower on this loved on. Praying for you as I write.

  8. Hello Shanda. I covet those prayers. Prayer, His Word, family, friends and laughter are getting me through.Thanks for visiting =)

  9. Oh my...I pray that you feel a breath of His grace in overwhelming measure this week in the midst of the emotionally impossible. You are loved.

  10. Thank you Lindsey. I like that..."A breath of His grace." Sounds like a great post.