Friday, December 30, 2011

Hello, my name is Robin

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. Most important: visit, comment, encourage the person before you.
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I love what Lisa-Jo said at her space
"May we dance with abandon before you and be willing to become much more foolish than we’re comfortable with."
That pretty much sums up where our word "OPEN" touches me in this moment.

With that said, asking the Lord to help me become more willing and foolish stirs up anticipation and anxiety if I'm to be perfectly honest. It almost has the flavor of praying for patience and we know where that gets us... more patience =)

I yearn to flow with life's momentum.
I'm not talking about tearing my clothes off and running naked through the neighborhood kind of abandonment, but more of a...
shedding of old habits, tearing off masks, letting go what others think and beginning to feel the vibrancy of momentum hitting me square in the face and splashing across my soul kind of abandonment.
Well maybe the occasional behaving silly in the supermarket with my family.
At any rate...New Year, 2012 Hello my name is Robin. I'm here and open to what you have which ever way I may have to stretch!


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  1. In from Gypsy and had to leave a big, "Woo Hoo!" Peeling off dead layers so the abandon can splash the soul. Perfect!

  2. I say a BIG, "Yes!" here to your post!! ... shedding the things that hinder us frunning free and laughing in all the goodness that the Lord has for us :o)

    btw... who says running around naked can't happen, I've never done it (((but if I ever do these are the conditons: just gotta be in a place where NO ONE, absolutely no one will see--- and absolutely NO mirrors! -Ha!!)))

  3. How wonderful to be totally free and to be open completely! Oh, I am really enjoying these posts from everyone - thank you so much for sharing...


  4. i stopped by b/c i saw that you're an RN:) i enjoy smiling and laughing as much as possible:) being much more foolish than we're comfortable with? sounds similar to being vulnerable. often a scary thing to do. fortunately, it brings great rewards!

  5. Well this was like Christmas coming home from work to find such awesome comments!
    Thank you Q!
    Deanna I L O V E your "BTW"! Tickled me good. Maybe someday......
    Maria Thanks for swinging by!
    Martha martha. Your name threw me for a minute. I was like..."hey isn't that someone from that TV show?" lol I bet you get that all the time. Anyhoo you nailed it.. VULNERABLE. So difficult but sooooo good.
    Thanks guys
    Happy New Year

  6. Hi Robin - oooh the word stretch at the end there got me. Open to God stretching me is scary but how He refines us. Great 5 minutes
    God bless and praying your new year is abundant in blessings

  7. Hi Tracy, thanks for stopping by and Happy New Years to you too! I say we hold cyber hands in this online community and stretch together. =)