Monday, December 5, 2011

Purposeful Gratitude

Once again I sit in stillness and contemplate.
I cherish how Ann (without the fanciful 'e') pulled the covers back and exposed a thankful heart of praise.
Not only demonstrating how, but engaging us in what I like to call

I'm not going to pretend this is always easy, in fact there are moments as I type away on this keyboard I want to yell, and complain and whine and cry. I'm tired...just posted below, is exactly how I feel in my bones. As though I've been running against gale force winds.

Giving thanks is a purposeful and intentional exercise.

Just as a physical exercise regime will increase heart and lung capacity while toning muscles, purposeful routine exercises in gratitude increases our ability to spot things to be thankful for, endure hardships and strengthen our faith.

On occasion I've heard from the Christian community this msg...

 "thanks should flow naturally out of understanding of what He did for us on the cross".

Believe me I am thankful to my inseams for that sacrifice. I am in love with Jesus and this will not change unto death.
However if I'm being honest, that knowledge has not made this Christian woman always grateful for the plate life sets before her.
This very week has spied me grumbling and complaining more than I care to admit. I've been short with my family, friends, co-workers and patients. I've eaten things I know I shouldn't and just plain felt sorry for myself.

Thank goodness for His grace.

This purposeful exercise of GRATITUDE, family, friends and His word hidden in my heart has pointed me in the direction...In His direction.

Join us in the journey of INTENTIONAL THANKSGIVING

# 202-216

  • Hospice (The whole team are angels)
  • Respite to shop
  • The caregiver who sat with my father-n-law for the day
  • New Red lipstick
  • Random findings on Pintrest
  • Listening to my daughter play her heart out on her drums
  • Friends (yes again)
  • Family
  • My sweet sons hugs
  • Watching/listening to my mother in law squeal as my dtr put her electric w/c on high and sped through the mall
  • My enduringly patient and loving husband
  • My Christmas tree that looks like a circus hijacked it
  • Christmas lights at night
  • Build-a-Bear
  • Enjoying friends I haven't seen in ages. Laughter with this man

whizzing fast


  1. LOVE IT! Especially Build-A-Bear :)

  2. Thanks Rach! She was quite fascinated, astonished and awestruck. She didn't want to leave the store =)

  3. Your sense of humor and honesty make this truth-filled post so readable! Thanks for sharing. Gail

  4. Aw thank you Gail! I'm blessed you swung by my mess =)

  5. What a great list! I love the wheelchair on high!

  6. Hi Mary. Yes it was a hoot to hear her squeal.
    Thank you for popping by =)

  7. Hospice is an amazing gift. They are truly special people, blessed by God to do what they do. Pinterest is so much fun. Looks like such a fun day at the mall! Patient husbands are such a gift... one I am grateful for too. :)

  8. Thanks for swinging by Jennifer. I too enjoyed your list! ~Blessings