Thursday, October 13, 2011

Baby bums

1,000 Word Thursday

As you can see from the majority if not all of my posts, I am moved by imagery. When I first began this blog I knew I would have to have one day set aside for just an words.
Because a picture is worth a thousand words right!?
Every Thursday I pay tribute to some photo that has made me laugh, stirred my heart, inspired me, tore at my heart strings, made me feel invincible or just plane made it feel like a sunny day in these soggy Oregon fields.
My kids will tell you, when I see a diaper commercial or am anywhere in the vicinity of a baby or it's bum I become another person. I coo, giggle, babble and just plain lose my mind. I love them and sometimes think I'm ready to just be a grandma already.

Today is no exception. I fell onto this photo and well....the rest is history!
Enjoy =)

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