Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I've thrown my lot in with Him.

Wednesday's Word

When I saw the above photo, after the awwwww, I could immediately relate!

“I can do it…” “I’ll get through this...”

I’ve made statements like that many times. If I didn’t say it out loud, I have thought it and acted accordingly. Sometimes, I’m able to get through on my own strength and other times I completely fail, with total awareness that my strength was no match for what I was facing.

David shares that “the Lord” was his strength and his shield. He also depended on his own strength and shields, succeeding and failing over the course of his life.

I L O V E his story, testimony and humanity.

As a successful military commander and King, I’m sure that he knew very well the limits of a man’s strength and his shield.
Would he have entered the battlefield weak, without a shield, just depending on the Lord for strength and shielding?
 I doubt it.

David learned what part he played and what part the Lord plays. 
He learned to engage in the battle with the Lord. 

  • Is there a better outcome if we do depend on the Lord’s strength and shielding? YES.
  • Are we able to do super-human feats whenever we want? NO
  • Are we protected from every possible attack? NO.
The disciples suffered by fleshly standards. They too would have said,
“The Lord was their strength and shield.”

When we say the Lord is our strength and shield,
we are calling Him into our life’s experiences

Walking with Him is far better than any possible outcome we achieve without Him.

Additional encouragement here!

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