Monday, October 17, 2011

For the dry and weary

Last weekend as I tapped away at my keyboard my heart was heavy and grief was swallowing my every breath as my step brothers sweet face came to mind. You see he was so young. Twenty two years young to be exact.
Sitting tonight in his grandmothers home, the harp resonating and voices whispering once again my breath caught.
A beautiful memorial for all too brief a life. We love you "Wrecking Ball" oh fisherman extraordinaire. Looking forward to your ever smiling face when Heaven I do see.

Throughout my week I fought with every morsel of brain cells and will power I have to control the battlefield of my mindscape. As one thought of "I wish I would have spent more time reaching out to him" went to "I am a poor witness" the slippery slope of accusations slid right into the pit of dark stifling despair! "I am a bad mom, a bad wife, a poor witness, fat, unlovable, my ministry is over, I have become weak, disorganized, messy out of shape....ANXIOUS!!!

I've been a Christian a long time. I have God's Word hidden in my heart. I know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

I know who the Accuser is
Why oh why do I allow.....

Skip forward to church today

Resist the enemy Robin and know that you are not alone!

Recognize the accusations Robin for they come not from Me.


Annointed words unlocking, the truth spilling, knowing.
Thank you Father for the truth of your Word that supplies all our needs.
Thank you for reaching down from the heavenlies, placing your hands in the dirt and breathing into the nostrils of man.
For your promises. 
Thank you for speaking to me just what I needed, for You are ever Faithful.
Thank you for the gentle reminder to treat my family and all as best I can as it could be the last.
The preciousness of relationship with others and most importantly You!
Finally for a season of Thanksgiving that is upon us. To gather, fellowship, and increase to the rich memory harvest!

Robin you know Me. I made you strong and you have overcome him through Me!
Come close Robin, so close you can feel my breath on the back of your neck. Resist and he WILL flee.

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  1. Hi, Robin. I popped over from The Watered Soul. This post was amazing. It's my first visit here, but I could practically feel the passion and conviction with which it was written. I can tell this pierced your heart as it seemed to reach beyond the computer screen to touch my own. Many blessings to you.