Monday, February 6, 2012

Art en eaux troubles

Somedays we just need to have a heart of gratitude.
This photo is from the art exposition "L’art... En Eaux Troubles"
(lit. translation: "Art in Troubled Waters") in Paris.

An immediate squeeze clutched my chest. If I was going to title this it would be
"For his is the kingdom of Heaven"

So much to be thankful for.

This week gave me much pause for innumerable counts of thankfulness. Joining with a multitude of other women in our mutual act of worship, GRATITUDE!

Grab the button and go


  • A wide variety of shoes to pick from that don't involve tying water bottles to my feet
  • Family night tickling the funny bones here
  • Two days with my sweet Betty sharing deep rich heart words and trying on silly glasses
  • Meeting the kidlets for a rendezvous away from school for lunch
  • Sadie Hawkins (Mardi Gras style). I love that siblings can be best friends.
  • Two weeks mandatory leave of absence to heal. Praying to find rich things to fill the minutes
  • Bad news from the Dr. that I'm purposefully giving to the Lord and expecting miracles. I will not lose sleep :)
  • The anticipation of Super Bowl and even more anticipation for the goofy commercials
  • A toasty electric blanket
  • Snuggling with my hubby listening to oldies
  • My shiny cross paperweight
  • Watching my son set up a folding table in the bed of the truck to play a board game with friends. (Creativity)
  • Several days of sun IN A ROW
  • A leisurely walk with my man down a country road that always boasts of curious farm animals.


  1. So sorry you got bad news from the Dr- but you're doing the right thing with it- rolling that burden right onto the Lord! Will pray for healing and wholeness. that picture of african feet.. far too real... we see barefooted kids running around here all the time. blessings from uganda

  2. the picture is powerful...I love the joy I hear amidst some hard news you have heard...pray for continued peace and healing to you...blessings...

  3. Hi Kelly. Well it's not the first and it won't be the last but I'm still laughing and breathing!!Thanks for the prayers!!!
    Wow all the way from Uganda? That is amazing. Are you doing missionary work?

  4. Hi Ells. Yes I have great joy! Family, faith, friends. So much to be grateful. I know I leave so many things off my list each week. Abundance!!!

  5. love the reminders here of joy, laughter, hope, faith. . . blessings to you through these trials and as you continue to hold strong to Him.

  6. Yes, that picture. Lots of feet without shoes here in Jakarta too. We are so rich, in this world, and outside of it.
    May you hold fast to Him.

  7. Thank you Steph and what GREAT words. Holding strong! Bless you
    Hi Pauline. How exciting to meet new people and people from other parts of the world. I will have to pop in on you and see what a day in Jakarta is like. xoxo

  8. =~} love coming your way...and lots of it...I'm calling you tomorrow. Better pick up. ;)

  9. =~} love coming your way...and lots of it...I'm calling you tomorrow. Better pick up. ;)

  10. Hi Laurie. You must be on your phone!? I wasn't sure at first who this was telling me they were going to call. lol Don't call too early as I don't think I'm going to bed until the wee hours =) hugs