Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Merry Christmas...Happy Birthday...Happy Easter! A card for every occasion.

decided to be prepared and bought my
Valentines Day cards early. I put them in a special place where noone could get a sneak peek. After the kiddos were off to bed, the hubby gone for work and the house still, I gleefully grabbed my pen and....wait, where are the cards? I cannot even believe it, I've spent the last hour and a half looking for those perfect expressions of my love and they are nowhere to be found.

I love my family and thankfully they are painfully used to my misplacement of items, namely cards. The cards they will receive tomorrow will be the birthday, Christmas and other holidays gone by, that were lost at one time as well. Oh dear...it's fun to repurpose a birthday card into much more...right :)

I love the way these scrumptions cupcakes look but even more the heart behind them.
When I asked my daughter why she was making so many and who she was going to give them to she told me this...
"Mom I'm just going to give them to whoever is supposed to have them. I hate to see people left out, and so many other kids at school are getting Valentines from boyfriends or girlfriends. I just want to see people smile and feel loved".
Ahhh I feel full!

Let's see the next holiday is Easter...I do believe my family very well may be receiving Valentine cards!

MY ♥


  1. Hi Robin - lovely post. So much love, you don't need cards:)
    God bless

  2. Hi there Tracy. Thank you for that :)