Friday, February 24, 2012

The makings of a pearl

Staying true to the premise...
1st thought and 5 minutes.
Taking the plunge with Lisa-Jo and a throng of other fun women for 5 min of writing. Come what may, come what might.

I can't even believe our word this week. I saw it and was like Whhhhhhhat. Here goes nothing.



I launched out of the gates of New Year...into a coarse and abrasive place. 
Contracting Norovirus not once, not twice not even three times. I got it four times and a plethora of complications. I'm still battling the aftermath and the toll it took on my system.
Time off work, house a mess, chores undone, life undone, PTO bankrupt and a grumpy marriage.
I've been thinking, praying, pondering and writing about GRIT. I feel like I have a little something to say about our word this week girls.

I don't like being raw and undone...but who does? I don't like my family seeing me undone... hello transparency. I don't like any of this but I'm determined to claw and crawl into His wisdom and reach for the growth that can happen in the unseen places.

In the wake of Valentines day I wrote:

A Gritty and Grainy kind of Love  followed up by
Loving in the difficult places.

I love what Lisa-Jo says at the end of her post
"Broken is always just the beginning of the story. Even when it feels like the end."

Yeah it's all been a pretty scratchy & coarse start to the year, but I serve a God who is in the business of making pearls right out of the irritant of a grain of sand!

( I went 10 min. sorry)


  1. HI Robin - something is happening this year, I just feel it in my spirit and the devil knows it too so he is trying to trip us Christians up as much as possible. So long as we stay focused on Christ, no matter what, the end will definitely be better than the beginning
    God bless, praying for you
    Tracy :)

  2. I wrote also about pearls. Yes, I know what you mean about the grit and the grime. boo to that, but yes to it too. Lord, let it change me! Let us all be "determined to claw and crawl into His wisdom and reach for the growth."

  3. Thank you Tracy. Good reason to armor up eh! I do appreciate your prayers!
    Brown Paper~ I had a feeling the "Pearl" post would be a common thread. It's encouraging to know others are clawing along too! Bless you

  4. Girl.. I tell ya.. that is a crap storm...
    okay so I feel you need to just accept the mess... and pray past it.
    Flip on some Bethel Loft sessions...and dance.
    IS that cheesy?... I think you just need to stand or lay down and worship
    Sending you prayers....(and dancing to that album with you...)

  5. Sorry to hear about the rough year you've had Robin, but I can tell you have the "grit" and faith to see it through until His purpose is revealed. Love the quote from Lisa-Jo also as well as your perspective: "but I'm determined to claw and crawl into His wisdom and reach for the growth that can happen in the unseen places." We all need to do that clawing and crawling thing from time to time. Sometimes it just feels like it never stops. Keep laughing!

  6. Using the illustration of a pearl is so perfect! Growth often does occur in unseen places (or times when no one understands what you are going through), and I'm thinking that growth like that will produce the most beautiful fruit of all.

    Here's to pearly days ahead!

  7. ~T you have no idea. Amazing, thouroughly blessed comment!!!

    ~ Thank you Julie :) Laughter...along with prayer and praise always helps.

    ~ Jerralea, your perspective is encouraging and I am looking forward to AMAZING, lucious and sweet fruit :)