Monday, February 20, 2012

Tea for two

I listen intently about her grandmother, a farmers wife over steaming cups of tea. Days that started and ended in the dark with long hard labor. How meals were small but plenty.

Our little tea cake sandwiches take her memories of tea with her grandmother. Who was not prone to fancy, preferring the earth in her hands. I study distant memories flickering in her eyes by candle light.

My sweet Betty is 80 years wise now. Her back nor fingers quite as straight, her eyes however are soft with love and compassion but not without the twinkle of humor and firm convictions.

She has held me up so many times as I've cried on her shoulder, held my hand as I questioned those 80 years of wisdom. Her prayers reach tall to the heavens and I can almost feel the flitting of angels wings while she prays. She did not birth me but I look to her as mother. The only mother I've known.
During this month of illness and the unknown she stands with me firm and unwavering.

My sweet Mother in law, mother and friend Betty!


  1. Hi Robin - lovely. My mom-in-law is also a humble and wise woman. Unfortunately right now there are family divisions but I am trusting God for restoration. Love your post honouring your mom-in-law.
    God bless

  2. Oh family divisions are so exhasperating!! So sorry. I am praying right this minute with you for restoration!! Thank you for sharing Tracy!
    Keep me posted and expect miracles. He is still in that business :)

  3. Beautiful lady. Beautiful tribute.

  4. Beautiful lady. Beautiful tribute.

  5. I love your double comments friend. You are so generous ;)