Monday, February 13, 2012

Startling reminders pressing us to gratitude

Multitude Mondays

madeleine peyroux

Startling reminder that life can pass in a blink and to be mindful and grateful for every moment. Never ceasing to pray for those around us and even those whose path we will never cross, but realize their life is broken.
Prayerful that Whitney is whole in Jesus arms now and that her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown will be completely bathed in prayer and in His grip!
  • Meeting a sweet friend for tea and hearing her heart.
  • Sunshine 3 days in a row and lazy walks
  • My first birthday card
  • A spontaneous gift of coffee and snuggles on the couch
  • Every candle in my home lit
  • Pandora and my little French cafe station
  • A pace slowed by half
  • My new discovery of BAKED KALE CHIPS. Where have you been all my life
  • Lunch with a sweet buddy sharing all kind of crazy girl things. Warms my heart
  • Encouraging words
  • Getting out doors this week and better every day
  • Why am I tickled by doors and wine displays?
  • My sweet Betty made me a beautiful Valentines floral display
  • Tea
  • A birthday ring...Thank you dad and Wanda
  • Twinkling light up a winding staircase that I was dying to climb!!


  1. "A pace slowed by half". What a gift this is.

  2. Posted about examen today and it goes along with your reminders. I love how God connects the dots and we play along unknowingly! Thanks for this!

  3. Hi girls! Thanks for swinging by. Stopping by to see you as well!

  4. I recognize some of those things in those pictures! ;0) That staircase looks very I know this staircase?

  5. Of course you do Hopegirl :) I will take you to the staircase.

  6. Girl, we <3 a lot of the same things! And I <3 U!

  7. And I <3 u 2 sweet thang!! Wanna fly to the middle and have tea/coffee? Glad you left a response so I can run over to your space and leave some love :)